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From the book Don’t Start A Side Hustle by Brian Page


Passive Income Vehicles You Purchase

Dividend stocks and bonds

Residential and commercial real estate

Real estate syndication and REITs

Commercial real estate funds

Intellectual property: patents, domains, trademarks, data, copyrights

Insurance annuities

Existing businesses with management in place

Limited business partnerships

Infinite banking

Crypto staking, mining, and yield farming

Automated businesses: parking lots, vending machines, laundromats, car washes, billboards


Passive Income Vehicles You Create

Online Courses

Blogging, Podcasts, Online Shows

Ebooks, Audiobooks and Printed Books

Software, Digital Apps or Alexa skills

Photography or video content creation

Monetized Content

Licensed music, photos, and videos

Digital design files (on sites like Etsy)

Memberships, subscriptions, and member-only content

Branded sponsorships

NFTs and Crypto Assets


Passive Income Vehicles You Control

Home sharing: Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway

Affiliate marketing

Drop shipping, private labeling, and print on demand

Retail arbitrage

Sharing economy: carshare, RVshare, boatshare, poolshare, unused spaces, land

Vehicle advertising

Reverse mortgages

Network marketing, direct sales, and multilevel marketing

Peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, seed funding, and micro lending

Brand Sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations

Amazon stores, Facebook stores and Youtube monetization businesses











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TD Ameritrade



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Brian’s PIVs

This is a current list of the passive income vehicles I own, control or have created. You can learn more about my top ten on the next page, as some of these are my favorites!





Airbnb Arbitrage

Limited Partnerships

Online Digital Courses

Software & Apps

Coaching Programs

Analyzers & Calculators

Commercial Real Estate Syndication

Digital Ebooks & Audiobooks

Affiliate Marketing

Private Labeling

Referral Programs

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

PDFs, Digital Downloads and Trainings

Brand deals

Debt & Lien Investing

Published and Self Published Physical Books

Dividend Stocks

Cryptocurrency Staking & Farming

Angel Investing

Membership Programs

Research & Data

Testimonial Products

Templates and Checklists

Membership Programs

Top 10

It’s hard to choose just 10, because they are all my babies, but here goes: The top 10 passive income vehicles from yours truly.

10. Referrals Programs

I know of no PIV that takes so little time to set up that generates more passive income per hour invested than referrals. Here’s how it works: I use a service I like that helps me keep or make more money in my businesses and I simply introduce the contact at that company to other people like me. When my referral signs up to work with that company I get an “override” on any and all commissions that person makes. I currently earn a nice six figure passive income from introductions I made years ago. Relationship capital turned into real capital. What could be better?

9. Private Labeling

If you look on my website here you’ll see some sweet swag. I don’t have a warehouse full of those items. I don’t ship them to you or collect the money, do inventory or really anything – it’s ALL handled by a third party drop shipper. I just put my brand on the items. Total time spent was a few days to set it up and yet I generate income every day from this PIV while at the same time building my brand and supporting the passivepreneur movement!

8. Affiliate Marketing

Selling products you didn’t create but that people want to buy is the holy grail of being a controller. Once you realize that people are looking for solutions and you can be the one that points them to the solution they are looking for (and get paid well for it), your whole financial future changes. Want an example of affiliate marketing? Look no further than every link on this page. I endorse people and products I trust and value and I get paid if someone buys from them. Why can’t you do the same?

7. Ebooks/AudioBooks/Physical Books

Well duhhh! Of course I’m going to list books. I started with a book about Airbnb which I’ve now sold over $1M worth of. That led to selling an ebook and audiobook of the same title. I then went on to write the very book you got your hands on which led you here. Books are not the most profitable PIV but what they can do is make you some passive income while at the same time bringing you a constant stream of customers to which you can offer all kinds of other products and services. Books have been absolutely essential to my success as a creator.

6. Commercial Real Estate Syndication

I love this one for many reasons and not just because it’s 100% hands off. I love it because I can make you truly wealthy in the long term. I’ve invested in 200 unit buildings in Georgia, a 60 unit construction project near my home and even invested in a 130 acre private island resort next to Hilton Head, SC. I write a check, get a guaranteed annual return. When the property is refinanced I get all of my initial investment back but get this, I still get to keep the equity in the project! All with no time involvement from me other than doing my due diligence and writing a check.

5. Coaching Programs

As students went through my course, some of them were requesting more customized help from us, getting going fast and building profitable airbnb businesses. So I took my very best six and seven figure Airbnb students and hired them on to be coaches. They have now gone on to help hundreds of people do the same. If you can help people get results and do it with other people who are qualified and excited to help, you can launch a coaching PIV.

4. Software/Calculators

I mentioned this one in the book. I created a tool called the Deal Analyzer that allows people to calculate to the penny what they could earn on an Airbnb listing, after all expenses. I spent less than $2k to have a coder create it and it currently sells every day. I have spent only a few hours in the last 4 years thinking of ways to improve and update it, but otherwise it’s completely hands off.

3. Digital Courses

This is the second big PIV I set up once I became financially free using my Airbnb listings. Naturally, I took what I had become an expert in and turned it into a digital course. That course was launched years ago and still to this day provides a tremendous passive income. And the best part is, the content is continually evolving in that course but is now being created by my best students and coaches. You can make millions with digital courses. Want to learn from the best? Go here..

2. Limited Partnerships

By investing into businesses or real estate as a limited partner, you can make a great return on your money but with none of the management responsibility. One of my very favorite types of partnerships is where I provide capital for people to secure leases on properties to then list them on Airbnb. I can invest a few thousand dollars and then get cash flow every month on the profit from that listing. Amazing!

The #1 PIV

Airbnb Arbitrage

Use properties you own (and ones you don’t!) to generate passive income by listing them on Airbnb and short term rental sites. I may be biased but this is my very favorite and was the first PIV that set me free forever of a job. If you’d like to learn how we work with clients to help them launch and scale a profitable Airbnb business without the need to own property. Why is it my #1? Because I’ve seen more people from all walks of life in 48 countries and nearly every metro area of the US succeed with this model. It’s one of the few PIVs that allow you to generate income in less than 30 days and that has the potential to quickly replace your earned income from a job. What’s the fastest way to go from zero to hero with Airbnb? Work directly with my team! Click here to learn how.

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